Our Strategic Parters
Verax International Limited, UK

Verax researches, develops and produces diagnostics that measure the direct, specific causal links between what goes on inside the organisation and in its marketplace, and analyses the impact of these on organisational performance. Their integrated system enables you to interrogate in-depth all or any level of organizational performance, to provide solutions for the organisation as a whole, teams, groups, departments, leaders, managers and/or individuals. Verax has been providing solutions for successful organisational change for over 30 years. Their approaches have been implemented from Scandinavia to South Africa, from America, throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. Over the years new models of organisational excellence have emerged. New research has resulted in far better understanding of human motivation and performance. These changes are reflected in Verax approaches, keeping you at the forefront of effectiveness.

Through its unique methodologies, Verax removes the guesswork and makes the job of decision making and targeted intervention far more successful. Whatever you need, Verax can provide the information, in real-time, whenever and wherever it is needed.

"Verax" comes from the Latin “Veritas”, Truth. We have always tried to present the truth of what is happening in our client organisations through our unique methodology. Our investment in continuous research enables you to stay ahead of the game.

Today, “the truth” is even harder to find in the quantity of data swirling around. Clear evidence about what is actually happening is hard to come by, but even more important if success is to be achieved in an ever increasingly competitive world.

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OpenText Corporation, Canada

OpenText is a Canada based company and is leader in Enterprise Information Management Systems. OpenText offers EIM software systems and services that let organizations build a cohesive information management strategy that leverages existing assets, meets urgent needs and establishes a fast path to the future. OpenText believes that good information strategy is good business strategy, and that an effective EIM strategy requires three things: Information Readiness, Information Capabilities, and Information Confidence.

The data and analytics landscape is rapidly changing due to the amount of data that is created ever single second of every single day – there is an increasing demand for analyzing disparate data and businesses want to know how they can turn all their data, both structured and unstructured, into better, faster smarter decision making at all levels of their organizations.

OpenText’s enterprise-grade Business Intelligence and Analytics platform, helps organizations improve decision-making, gain operational efficiency and increase visibility by enabling IT to place interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations quickly into the hands of business users. Leveraging all data – whether structured or unstructured, internal, CRM, big data, Internet of Things, or social media – in relevant, interactive visualizations, increases your opportunities for growth.

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